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Boom Beach Is A Strategy Game That Attacks Other Players With Attacks Against Computer-Generated Bases. The Story Of The Game Is Set On A Tropical Island With The Players On The Island, Along With The Defense And Military (Similar To The Clash Of Clans Game Of Supercell). []]

Boom Beach

Combines The Ability To Attack Other Players In Multiplayer Mode On A Single World Map, Along With Single-Player Campaign Play. Featuring A Vast Map Of The World That Spreads As The Player Progresses, The Player Is Pitted Against An Enemy Known As “The Black Guard”,

Who Is Attacking The Island. And Enslaving The Locals To The Precious Power Stones Found On The Island (Which The Player Can Also Use To Make Buff Sculptures). The Computer-Generated Black Guard Bases Often Appear On The Map And The Player Can Destroy Them For Resources. If They Have Already Made It.

The Black Guard Is Often Represented By Lieutenant Hammerman, A Commander Who Operates Several Highly-Fortified Headquarters That Serve As The Main Targets, As Well As Whenever He Goes Through A Particular Level, But Occasionally Attacks.

Other Computer-Generated Enemies Are Dr. T And Colonel Gearhart, A Black Guard Member Who Runs Special Bases That Are Occasionally Seen As Events. Other Players Appear On The World Map As Black Guard Hedges, Allowing Players To Attack Their Bases And Vice Versa. Player Bases Often Offer More Rewards To Beat Than Cpu Bases.

In The Battle Against The Enemy Base,

The Player Commands A Gunboat That Starts With “Energy” (Which Can Be Improved Through Upgrades), As Well As Landing Crafts, In The Starting Amount. They Have An Army. Soldiers Can Only Be Deployed On The Beaches Of The Island, Where They Will Automatically Search And Attack Nearby Targets.

By Spending The Energy Of His Gunboat (Which Is Replenished By Destroying Enemy Buildings), The Player Can Help His Troops With Their Help In Preventing Defenseless Defense Of Their Fighters Or Artillery – Though The Player’S Troops Are Subject To Friendly Fire.

The Purpose Of An Attack Is To Destroy The Enemy’S Headquarters, As It Takes The Entire Base With It And Immediately Gains Victory, Giving The Player All The Resources Available. Conversely, Failure To Destroy The Target’S Headquarters, Regardless Of How Much Damage Has Been Done, Results In Loss Of Resources.

There Are Four Basic Resources (Gold, Wood, Stone, Iron) That Become A Premium Currency Of The Diamond As It Unlocks As The Player Progresses. Gold Is Used To Train Soldiers, Buy Upgrades For Soldiers And Gunboat Abilities And Launch Attacks, While The Other Three Are Used To Build And Upgrade Buildings.

Buildings Include Resource Generators And Storage, Defense Measures To Defeat Attackers, Or Auxiliary Buildings That Provide A Plethora Of Other Functions. By Upgrading Your Headquarters, Players Can Unlock More Bases For Their Base, More Troops And Higher Levels Of Upgrades.

In Addition To The Central Aspect Of The Game,

There Is Also A Cooperative Format Where Players Can Create Groups Called Task Forces. Task Forces Can Assemble “Intel” (By Eliminating Troops In Defense, Winning Attacks, Or With Special Rewards) That Can Then Be Used To Attack Computers Created By “Combat Forces” In Various Task Force Operations.

Is Used For These “Power Bases” Are Often Exceptionally Well-Built And Possess Incredible Amounts Of Defensive Firepower, Requiring Careful Teamwork And Coordination To Destroy Them.

After The Operation Is Over, All Players In The Task Force Will Be Rewarded Based On How Many Points The Task Force Has Earned Overall, And Every Building In The Power Base For One Building Is Destroyed.

One Year Has Passed Since The Last Time The Super Sale Started Playing Globally.

Boom Beach

, It’S Likely That The Company’S New Global Title Has Been Hitting Canada’S App Store For Over 2 Months Now, And It’S Safe To Say That The Fans And The Game Industry Are Looking Forward To The Global Launch Of The Game.

Boombatch Has Made A Mistake In Many Blogs And Posts

Clone Your Clash Of Clans As A Super Cell. But Despite The Many Similarities To The Original Boom Beach, It’S A Very Unique Game, Which Creates Some Unique Obstacles.

In This Post I Will Restructure The Game And Identify The Key Differences Between Clash Of Clans And Boom Beach. Since The Post Is Still In The Launch Phase At The Time Of Writing This Post, I Will Also Focus On The Elements Involved In The Game That Are Likely To Be Removed Before The Global Launch. Finally I Will Discuss The Opportunities That Boom Beach Has Not Yet Seized.

1. Battle Mechanics – Unexpected Obstacle

Personally I Like Boom Beach Combat Mechanics. They Provide Players With Just Enough Control To Strategize The Battle, But Keep The Gameplay On A Large Scale So That Players Do Not Need To Micro-Manage The War. I Am Also Glad That Unlike Clash Of Clans.

Attacking Does Not Eat Your Troops Unless Your Soldiers Fall During The War. But, Despite The Good Looks And Feel, Design For War Is Actually The Most Annoying Element Of The Game, Causing Many Unexpected Problems. However

The Real Problem With Fighting Games Is That The Only Way To Win Is To Eliminate Enemy Headquarters. Therefore, The War Actually Follows The Game Design Of The Flag Games Capture. However

Rather Than The Tower Defense. This Leads To A Situation Where The Result Of A Failed Attack Is Purely Negative As One Player Loses His Army And In Return He Receives No Loot. A Design Intensity By This Fact

Attacks From Other Players Can Come From Only One Direction.

Fighting Design Also Bans Creative Homebase Designs, As Hq Only Needs To Protect Building Players. Due To All These Factors, The Design Of Your Base’S Defense Design Is Unimaginable.

Despite Destroying The Enemy’S Vault,

The Player Of The Gold And Woodstores Will Receive No Loot And Will Lose The Battle. The Only Destruction Of Headquarters Matters In Boom Beach.

Due To The Overwhelming Win-Win Situation And The Failure To Raid Enemy Positions, Pvp Battles Are Unfounded. To Deal With The Problems Created By Combat Mechanics.

It Seems That The Team Behind Boombatch Has Adopted A Way To Enhance The Pve Game. But Instead Of Fixing The Problem, I’M Worried They’Ve Created Another Hurdle.

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