Castle Clash

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Castle Clash

Welcome To The Castle Clash

Make Your Way To Glory And Fight In The Castle Clash! With Over 10 Million Collisions Around The World, The Hottest Addictive Game Ever Continues! In A Wonderful Mix Of Fast Strategy And Exciting Fighter, Castle Clash Is A Game Of Epic Proportions! Hire Armies Of Powerful Heroes And Guide An Army Of Mythical Creatures, Small And Small. Fight On Top And Become The World’S Greatest Fighter. Your Castle Is As Strong As Your Creativity!

Game Features:

Build And Upgrade Your Incredible Castle!
Create The Ultimate Army With A Dozen Wild Soldiers!
Fast, Exciting And Realistic Battles!
Pit Your Heroes Against Other Players On The Field
Tap, Swipe, And Tilt To Cast Powerful Spells!
Imaginary Strategy From Free Games!
Test Your Hero Against The Monsters In The Dungeon!
Join An Association, Share Benefits And Fight Together Against The Owners!
Note: This Game Requires An Internet Connection.
In This Section, You Can Find The Team Mix For Certain Scenarios.


Arena’S Goal Is To Destroy The Enemy Player’S Shrine Before They Can Destroy Themselves. There Are Many Different Tactics You Can Use To Take Advantage Of One Another. Such As Using Tank Hero To Stop Enemy Heroes In The Same Lane, And Head To The Shrine To Send Your High Dps Hero Down Another.

Free Lane
Sending Your Heroes Through A Lane That Does Not Contain The Enemy’S Hero.

Best Hero

Hero Description
Scaleika Icon
Skeletica Scale Can Withstand Any Attack From Overwhelming Damage, Eliminating Damage, Recovering Itself, And Recovering With High Energy.
Pigeon Keeper Icon
The Drop Keeper Is Another Reversal Where His Arrows Do Great Damage To The Enemy While Summoning Pigeons To Cross The Enemy’S Crystals.
Gunslinger Icon
Gunslinger Was Able To Make The Dramatic Battlefield His Age By Fleeing Towards The Enemy’S Crystals And Smashing It With Numerous Warplanes.

Walla Walla

Is The Best Top Hero In All The Lanes. Can Heal Def And Hp, Slow Down Enemies And Heal Hp. This Power Hero Is Able To Move Your Heroes Into The Realm Forever. Dubbed “King Of The Arena”.
Athenian Image
Atheni Put Him In The Middle Lane And His Offer Would Do A Lot Of Damage To Any Of The Heroes’ Lanes.
Anubis Icon
The Moment Anubis Gains Immunity From Its Mesh Disaster Skills, Plus The Damage Done With The Reduction Of Attacks.
Phantom King Icon
Phantom King Phantom King Arena Is Also A Good Hero. He Receives Much Faster And Has Faster Recovery. He Will Come Down To The Other End Faster Than Anyone, And Collide More Firmly Than Any Other Hero, Once He Has Consistently Achieved Success, Reducing The Speed And Energy Of His Incredible Attacks. Will Be Much Easier Because Of The Skills Of

Collaborate With Lil Dread Drake,

Freezing Your Opponents By Giving The Pair No Chance To Advance Your Crystal To Their Enemy’S Heroes. Frostbite Freezes Talented Opponents And Nick Prox Is Able To Boost His Damage, Thus Causing Huge Damage To The Enemy.
Dread Drake Icon
Starting With Dread Drake With Full Energy, It Can Prevent Your Opponent’S Heroes From Moving Towards Your Crystal.

Hero Description
Skull Night Icon
Skull Knight Is Pretty Clear Why He Is Here, While Skim Knight Is Necessary To Destroy The Other Team’S Crystal, You Must Keep Your Crystal Standing, Preventing The Other Heroes From Spinning For 5.5 Seconds.
Warlock Icon
Warlock 5/5 Is Capable Of Slowing Down The Enemy Again And Defaming 3 Friendly Heroes.
Harpy Queen Icon

Harpy Quinn

Is Excellent At Reducing Her Skill And Damaging The Enemy Team, Allowing Your Heroes To Reach The Other Side And Destroy The Crystal While Killing The Other Team.
Valentina Icon
Valentina Silences Once The Team Reaches The Enemy’S Crystals
Mesh Symbol
Aries Must Have The Ability To Prevent The Other Team From Attacking And Activating Their Skills, Killing Their Heroes Or Destroying Your Crystal. However, The Encounter With The Volvo Pro Almost Disappears.
Create-01 Icon
Creation-01 This Hero Can Load Two Of His Opponent’S Heroes, Giving Them A Tremendous Advantage In The Field. Literally 6V4.

Michael Aiken

Michael Anti-Snooping Hero. Once It Has Been Hit, It Will Be Your Reward.
Mentor Chief Icon
Although The Minotaur Chief Is Rarely Used, It Is Still Supported By Long Stunts And Excessive Damage.
Pumpkin Duke Icon
Pumpkin Duke Proper Choice. However, Its Movement Is Less Than Average Heroes. Equipped With Sprint And Electric Rock Is Also Good.
Candy Cane Icon
Riot From Candy Cane 5/5, Which Manages To Reduce The Energy Of The Enemy’S Maintenance Team And Give Dodge.

Wall To Wall
Sending Your Heroes In The Same Lane As Enemy Heroes.

Best Hero

Hero Description
Storm-Eating Icon
The Storm Eater Will Win All Matches On The Field With The Flame Guard.
Saskech Icon
Sasquatch This Tank Animal Heals Itself, Causing Great Damage To The Area And Freezing Enemies For 1 Second. Truly A Monster!
Scaleika Icon
Skilica Don’T Worry This Animal Is Not Dead.
One Icon
The Hero With The Walla Is Able To Heal And Promote Attack On A Large Scale.
Pigeon Keeper Icon
Pigeon Keeper The Longest Distance Between You And The Enemy’S Base Crystal Is Some Pigeons And Devils.
Gunslinger Icon
Gun Heslinger Is Undeniably The Biggest Obstacle On The Field When Faced With A Team Of Six Heroes And She Never Dies.

Espirita Icon

The Spirits Of The Spirits Do Much Damage To The Gods And The Enemies Do Much Damage.
Anubis Icon
If Anubis Goes Wall-To-Wall Against Attacking Teams, Then Anubis Can Stop Opponents With Solid Skills And A Counter-Attack With A Fighter Or Blurk.
Grimfand Icon
Grimfiend Is Definitely The Best F2P W2W Hero As When It Is Fully Capable Of Healing When Every Opposing Hero

Hero Description
Rock Icon
Rockno When He Was In Turmoil, The Whole Field Shook And There Were Major Casualties.
Maktisa Icon
Matixa Attacks Him. That Same Protect Does Only 2,000 Damage Per Hit. In The Vicinity, His Cartoon Targeted Many Heroes.
Skull Night Icon

Skull Night Tank, More Damage, Faster Movement, Faster Attacks, A Skill That Provides A Powerful Offensive

And Defensive Glow, And Built-In 8/8 Revives. When The Rest Of Your Hero Dies, He Can Sometimes Pull Out Entire Teams.
Ghostly Icon
Ghoulim Ghoulim Is Capable Of Damaging The Team And Reducing The Damage.
Mesh Symbol
Like The Mesh, Like The Free Lane, The Whole Purpose Is To Stop The Enemy Heroes And Defeat Their Heroes.

Hero Description
Wold Dracula Icon
Wold Dracula Is The Perfect Hero For The Field As He Is Able To Maintain Hp With Proxies And Deal Huge Damage. Hp Is One Of The Most Important Tactics That Allow A Child To Tank And Attack Without Killing The Child.
Pumpkin Duke Icon

Pumpkin Duke

Doesn’T Require Players To Have A Pumpkin Duke On The Team As They Are More Likely To Be Removed Before Completing Their Role. But, In Terms Of A Lucky Shot, If It Survives And Is Permanently Ready, You Can Defeat The Enemy Team.
Cupid Image
Cupid Good Hero, Strong Leather That Can Stock Your Pumpkin Duke Very Quickly. Although A Little Slow And Generally Not Good For Resurfacing Teams.
The Symbol Of Santa Boom
Although Santa Boom Is The Biggest Shot-Loss Dealer, Top Players Have Begun To Abandon This Hero, With Opponents Less Likely To Advance And More Likely To Be Killed Before Prok. But It Is Still Known For Dealing Heavy Damage In The Field.
Michael Aiken
Michael Calls For Unforgettable Angels, Who Ignore The Damage Done By Attacking And Directing His And His Friendly Heroes Towards All Enemy Attacks. This Goddamn Tank Hero Is Definitely Changing The Field. The Epic Throws All Possible Attention To The Enemies, While The Epic Sacrifices Itself To Protect The Team, Which Has Gained Momentum.
Atlantica Icon

Although Atlantica

Is Slow-Tempered, It Can Eliminate Your Enemy Heroes. Although You Will Need To Resurrect Or Resurrect It 5/5. Mash Is One Of The Benefits.
Arctica Icon
Arctica The Legendary Dragon Managed To Freeze Your Enemies And Kill Them Before Killing Them.
Multanica Icon
Multanika Powerful All-Round Hero For The Head To Head Arena. High Hp, More Damage, De-Buffs And Slows Down The Enemy.
Demogorgon Icon
Once The Demogorgon Is Overcome, The Opposing Heroes Will Not Stand A Chance Against This Mighty Dragon Because Of Blindness And Allow The Team’S Heroes To Easily Overcome The Enemy.
Valentina Icon
Valentina Valentina Is Capable Of Going Up Against The Irish Prox And Energizing The Team. Taking Advantage Of The Mesh Advantage, The Top Players Will Replace Comedy And Valentina, And This Comedy Is Full Of Progressive Energy Shine Rather Than Single Shot Energy Beef. Rumors Indicate A Better 4/5 Recovery Than A 5/5 Recovery. However, They Will Not Be Able To Withstand A Strong W2W Team.

Raids And Dungeons

When Starting A Raid Or Completing A Dungeon, Keep One Important Fact In Mind: You Are At A Disadvantage. There Are Many Reasons For This.

The Enemy Can Arrange Its Buildings In A Way That Will Allow Your Troops To Traverse A Certain Path Through Nets, Or Do More Damage To Them When Traveling Or Attacking Certain Buildings.
Enemy Heroes Are Much Stronger When They Gain A Defensive State Boost From The Hero Base.
All Enemy Troops Are Deployed, While You Have To Deploy Your Units One After The Other.
Speech Can Be Used To Replace The Tide Of War In His Favor, To Compensate For It. You Are Recommended To Upgrade Your Relk Hall And Spells, But Doing So Will Increase Your Strength, So Only Upgrade The Spelling You Intend To Use.

Target The Heroes At A Distance
This Tactic Is For Raids, But Can Also Be Used For Lower Level Dungeons. This Involves Deploying Your Own Heroes To Target Enemy Heroes And Nip Them One At A Time.

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