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Clash Of Clans Age

Clash Of Clans Is A Free To Download Multiplayer War Game Online. It Is Intended For 13+ Year Olds.

The Purpose Of The Game Is To Build Your Village, Design Your Base And Defend Your Field.

You Can Join Another Tribe To Fight Other Players, Or There Is A Player Play Option, In Which You Have To Attack A Series Of Flower Buildings.

What’S This?

Clash Of Clans Is A Free To Download Multiplayer War Game Online. It Is Intended For 13+ Year Olds.

The Purpose Of The Game Is To Build Your Village, Design Your Base And Defend Your Field.

You Can Join Another Tribe To Fight Other Players, Or There Is A Player Play Option, In Which You Have To Attack A Series Of Flower Buildings.

Players Build Their Base, Complete With Buildings, Logistics And Weapons, And Collect Gold, Rich And Dark Elixir Through Gameplay To Enhance And Maintain These Defenses Against Attack.

You Can Also Collect Jewelry By Successfully Completing Some Tasks, Or Purchasing Them Through App Purchases.

Format And Price:

Free With Ios Purchases On The App And On Android, For Example: You Can Buy Jewelry Treasure Chests From 99 3.99 For A Great A 79.99.

What Do They Say
‘Answer The Call Of The Mustache! Join The International Arena Which Is The Close Of Clans.Like Using Friendship To Spread Fear To Your Enemies? Join A Tribe, Or Create One Of Your Own. The Choice Of This Million Strong Community Of Barbarians Is Yours.

What Is The Truth
You Can’T Miss The Tv Campaigns For The Clash Of Clans. These Ads Include The Recently Featured Bond Villain And Specter Star Christophe Waltz. Liam Neeson Popped Up In A Previous Version.

The Game Was The Highest Grossing App On Both The App Store And Google Play In 2015, With Revenue Estimated At $ 1 Million ($ 1.5 Million) A Day.

Find Out More Here.

Gabriel Is 11 Years Old And Plays With His Parents’ Permission. He Says: ‘I Like How It Doesn’T End And I Can Play It With My Friends.

‘I’M In A Tribe With School Friends. I Don’T Really Talk About It Because I Don’T Want Other People To See My Information So We Talk On Skype Or Ovo While We’Re Playing. The Bad Thing Is That Development Takes A Lot Of Time And You Have To Wait A Few Days For Some Things, Which Is Annoying.

‘Playing Under The Supervision Of Children Like My Cousin (6) And Their New Game, Clash Royale, Is Good, Maybe Even Better!’

What Parents Need To Know

The First Time You Open The Game, A Message Flashes To Inform You Of In-App Purchases And How To Disable Them. Go To Disable This Setting> General> Restrictions> Restrictions.


You Will Be Asked To Set A 4 Digit Pin Code. Select App Purchases And Set Off.

If You Don’T Want Your Child To Interact With Others, You Can Also Disable Multiplayer Games And Advertising Friends. You Will Need To Do This For Every Device On Which You Access The Game.

To Prevent Other Players From Contacting You Normally On The Iphone, Go To The Game Center In Settings And Turn Off Invitations And Allow Nearby Players. You Can Also Make Your Player Profile Private.

For More Information On Parental Control Over Apple Devices, Click Here.

The First Time You Open The Game,

A Message Flashes To Inform You Of In-App Purchases And How To Disable Them. Go To Your Google Play Store App For It, Select Menu> Settings> Require Authentication For Purchases. That Means You’Ll Need To Set Up A Password To Make Your Purchase In The App.

The Options To Choose From Are Never Friendly Content (Which Works On All Games Rated 12 And Under), Every 30 Minutes Or So On Google Play For All Purchases By

Once Set Up, Don’T Tell Your Child The Password If You Don’T Want To, Unless You Make Any Purchases From Them. You Will Need To Do This For Every Device On Which You Access The Game.

You Will Then Be Asked If You Want To Share Your Google+ Profile With Anyone On The Web, Or Customize It. Click Publish To Disable It If You Want.

To Stop The Other Players Contacting You On Android Phones,

Go To The Play Games App, Touch The Menu Icon [Three Horizontal Lines] And Click On Settings. Click Game Profile> Play Now> Your Game Profile. Adjust Your Visibility And Key Settings As You Like.

For More Information On Parental Controls On Android Devices, Click Here.

One Of The Game Settings Is Accessible By The ‘Cog’ Icon That Appears On The Right Side Of The Screen Once You Play. Here, You Can Filter Klean Chat, Which Turns Words Into Stars. Make Sure It Is Green For Wool.


From A Security Standpoint, The Game Does Not Feature Private Chat, But Players Can Join And Participate In Global And Clan Group Chats. This Opens The Possibility That Children May Be Encouraged To Chat Away From The Game By A Fellow Member Of The Tribe.

Some Parents Have Complained Of Bad Or Abusive Language In Group Chats,

That Children May Go To Groups They Do Not Know About And That There Is No Reporting Facility In Kalyan Chat. It Is Possible To Report Offensive Players In World Chat.

Super Sales, Game Makers, Say They Show Regular Warnings Against Sharing Personal Information And Have A ‘Constantly Updated Blacklist Of Offensive Words And Phrases That Are Quickly Spread Across All Areas Of The Game. Can Be Found And Removed. ‘

Although The Game Clearly States That It Is Only For 13+, Age Verification Was Not Required To Use The App. Even If There Was One, The 14-Year-Olds Could Still Play With Adults In Non-Dynamic Environments Without Reporting Facilities.

As With Many Sports,

Although It Is Possible To Set Safety Measures And Restrict Contact Within The Game, Serious Players May Be Involved In Out-Of-Play Forums That Cannot Be Monitored Or Peer-Reviewed. And Thus Reaction Time To Bad Behavior May Vary. General Chat Chat Lounge

Once You Start Mastering It, There Is Initially A Confrontation In The Fields And Initially A Severe Addiction. It Loses Points Due To The Absence Of A Reporting Function In The Clan Chat Groups And The Fact That Children Can Join Tribes With Adults They Do Not Know.

If Your Child Is Going To Use The Multiplayer Game Unnecessarily, Be Aware That They Can Talk About Adults And Bad Language – Sometimes Both At The Same Time.


Is Your Kid A Clash Of Clans Fan? It Seems Like It’S The Latest Game Obsession At The Moment, And With Over A Million Star Reviews On The Apple Store, It Seems Like It’S Famous. So What Do Parents Need To Know About The Game? This Is A Contest From Our Encounter: Parental Guidance:

Clash Of Clans: Parental Guidance

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Clash Of Clans Is A Strategy Game In Which Players Build Communities, Train Soldiers, And Attack Other Players To Gain Gold And Wealth,

Thereby Protecting Defensive Players From Attacks By Other Players. Can Be Used For Training, Training And Upgrading Troops. General Chat Chat Lounge Features Include:

Buildings, Gold And Elite
The Goal Is To Build An Incredible Castle In Your Village. In Order To Earn And Store Gold And Nectar Players, Players Must Prepare Gold Showers And Gold Reserves And Rich Collectors And Rich Stores,

Respectively. Elixir Is Used To Train New Troops, Upgrade Troops In Labs, And Build And Upgrade Some Buildings, Mostly Related To Buildings Used To Attack Another Base Of A Building.

Is. Gold Is Used To Build Defense Buildings And Upgrade Town Halls, Giving More Buildings And Higher Levels Of Access To Existing Buildings.


Apart From Gold And The Rich, The Game Also Uses Gems As Currency. You Earn Them By Setting A Milestone (Or Paying For Them).

Nourishing Your Army
You Have To Assemble Your Army Of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons And Other Powerful Fighters.

Fighting And Skill
Games Include:

Players From Around The World Are Fighting And Taking Their Trophies
Together With Other Players To Form The Final Tribe
Through A Circle, He Fought Against The Goblin King
Defend Your Village
You Have To Try To Defend Your Village From A Huge Number Of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Tricks And Walls.

Age Rating

Developers Supercell Says The Game Is Only Available To Anyone Over The Age Of 13, But Does Not Need To Be Dated At The Time Of Download And If They Have An Apple Id Or Google Play Account, There’S No Stopping Anyone Under The Age Of Download.

Its Age Rating Is Due To Lightweight Fantasy Ideas.

The Apple Store Has Rated It 9+ Years.

How Do You Play Clash Of Clans?
Clash Of Clauses Is Available For Ios And Android Devices.

How Much Does It Cost?
It’S Free. However, The Game Does Have Shopping.

Clash Of Clans On Youtube

The Clans Of Youtube Channel Is An Official Close-Up Of The Youtube Channel With Many Videos On Such Topics.

How To Get Started;
Tomorrow To Play; Clash Of Nose Tips;
Clash Of The Klaus Strategy.
Here Are 2 Youtubers Who Do Videos About Playing Confrontation Games.

Godson Cc
Play Clash Of Clans

Tips For Parents If Kids Are Playing Clash Clash

# 1 How, What, And How Long To Control

Like Any Other Computer Game Or Online Activity, The Trick Is How They Use It, What They Do With It, And How Much Time They Spend Playing It. You May Get A Screen Time: How Much For Kids? And Tips To Help Screen Time Be Useful

# 2 Encourage Your Kids To Show You

Ask Your Children To Show You What They Are Creating And Doing On The Clash Of Clans.

# 3. Limit Play Time

Limit Their Playing Time And You Can Say That If You Face A 1 Hour Clash You Need To Do 1 Hour Of Play.

# 4. Play By Yourself

Get Involved Playing It Yourself And Show Your Child The Basics. This Is One Of The Best Ways To Learn And Understand About.

# 5. Keep Track Of What They Do

Again, Like Any Online Activity, Make Sure You Get A Sense Of What You’Re Doing On The Game.

# 6. Check Out The App Purchase Option

Make Sure App Purchase For The App Is Turned Off If You Do Not Want To Be Billed.

Useful Websites

We Think The Parent Page On The  Website Is Good, If You Have Any Concerns You Can Contact Them.

You May Find Clash Of Clans Websites Useful.

You Can Also Find The Only Minecraft Parenting Guide You Need To Read, 10 Tips To Becoming A “Webwise” Parent And 5 Tips For Parents On Tablet And Smartphone Online Safety.

You Know,

Your Child’S Experience Of Playing Clash?

Any Hints?

Share Them In The Comments Below.



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