Clash Of Clans Game

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Clash Of Clans Game

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Clash Of Clans Game

The Game Clash Of Clans Game Was Released On August 2, 2012 For The Ios Platform And On October 7, 2013 On Google Play For Android. However

The Game Is Set In A Fantasy-Themed [3] Permanent World [4] Where The Player Heads To A Village. However Clash Of Clans Game

Clash Of Clans Works To Build Its Own City, Clash Of Clans Game Utilizing The Resources Gained By Attacking Other Players Through The Game’S Fighting Features. However

The Important Resources Are Gold, However Nectar And Clash Of Clans Game Dark Nectar.

Players Can Come Together To Form The Klan Wars, However Groups Of Up To Fifty People.


Who Can Then Participate In Klan Wars, Donate And Receive However Troops, And Chat With Each Other.

Clash Of Clans Was Released For Positive Reviews, Ranking High However Among Many Critics.

The Game Was Released On August 2, 2012 For The Ios Platform. However

And On October 7, 2013 On Google Play For Android. However

The Game Is Set In A Fantasy-Themed [3] Permanent World [4] However Where The Player Heads To A Village.

Clash Of Clans Works To Build Its Own City, Utilizing The Resources However Gained By Attacking Other Players. However

Through The Game’S However Fighting Features. The Important Resources Are Gold, Nectar And Dark Nectar.


Players Can Come Together To However Form The Klan Wars, Groups Of Up To Fifty People.

Who Can Then Participate In Klan Wars, However Donate And Receive Troops, And Chat With Each Other.

The Clash Of Clashes Was Released For Positive However Reviews, Ranking Many Critics High.

Clash Of Clans Is An Online Multiplayer Game In Which However Players Create Societies Called Classes.

Train Trains, And Attack Other Players To Gain Resources. However

[3] Gold And Rich Can Be Used To Rebuild And Reload Defenses However That Protect The Player From Attacks By Other Players. However


Elixir And Black Nectar Are Also Used To However Train And Upgrade Soldiers And Spells.

Jewelry Is A Premium Currency. [3] Attacks Are Graded On A Three-Star Scale. However

And Have A Maximum Duration Of Three Minutes. [3] However

The Game Also Features A Campaign Of Pseudo-Single Players However In Which The Player Can Attack.

A Series Of Strong Goblin Villages [5] And Gain Gold, Nectar, And Dark However Nectar (Levels Only 51-75).

The Game Starts With Two Builders, But The Player Can Buy Five Gems And However Have Five Builders. []]


-To Earn And Store Gold And Nectar Players, Players Should Prepare Gold Mines However And Gold Deposits.

And Rich Collectors And Rich Stores, Respectively.

Elixir Is Used To Train New Soldiers, Research Labs To Upgrade Soldiers. However

Reload Xbos (Available From Town Hall 9), And Build And Upgrade Some Buildings. However

Mostly Relates To Buildings Used In Another Player’S Attack. Base On. However

Gold Is Used To Build Defense Buildings And Upgrade Town Halls. However

Giving More Buildings And Higher Levels Of Access To Existing Buildings. However

In Town Hall 7,

Dark Nectar Becomes Available. However

Such Nectarines Are Used To Train And Upgrade Black Elixir Soldiers And Heroes, Create Dark Spells.

(Available From Town Hall 8), And Fuel The Inferno Tower, Which Is A Defense Building. However

Only Available In Town Hall 10. Eagle Artillery, A Defense Building Only Available In Town Hall 11. However

Is Fueled By Amateurs. Town Hall Also Offers Access To 11 New Heroes. However

– The Grand Warden. He Is The Only Hero Born Of Nectar. To Gain And Store Deep Nourishment.

Players Want To Build Dark Rich Exercises And Dark Rich Storages. However

Town Hall 12

Found A Defensive Building Called Giga Tesla, Already Built After The Upgrade To Town Hall 12. []]

There Are Many Buildings Available For Players To Defend Their Village, Including Cannons.

, Mortars, Bombs, Teslas, Traps, Archer Towers, Wizard Towers, Inferno Towers And Eagle Artillery.

Players Can Also Build Walls, Which Can Be Upgraded As The Level Of A Player’S Town Hall Rises.

There Are Two Types Of Barracks (Barracks And Dark Barracks) And Two Types Of Spell Factories.

(Spell Factory And Dark Spell Factory) In This Game.

The Barracks Prepare The Army Using Nectar While The Black Barracks Prepare The Army Using Black Nectar.

Spell Factories Follow The Same Pattern.

Super Shell

The Common Spell Factory Spells Using Nectar, And The Dark Spells Factory Using Black Amyl.

All Armies And Spells Have Different Characteristics.

As The Player Progresses, Many New Armies And Spells Are Unlocked.

Also, The Workshop, Which Includes Tribal Troops In The Building, Opened A Sage Machine, Butt Bump.

And Stone Slammer In The Town Hall. 12 [[9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Wars Of Tribes And Tribes.

Tribes Are Groups Of Players Who Get Together To Cooperate, Either Mentally (Giving Hands).

Or Verbally (Giving Advice). Once They Build A Special Tribal Castle Building, They Can Join The Tribes.

A Major Component Of The Gameplay Of Clash Of Clans Is The Tribes Competing Against Each Other In The “Tribal Wars.”.

Tribal Leaders And Co-Leaders Can Start Wars Against Other Tribes.

Then Each Tribe Is Given A “Day Of Preparation” And A “War Of Days.”

When A Player Attacks A Member Of The Opposing Tribe.


He Gets The Stars, Based On The Amount Of Destruction That Will Befall The Rival Community.

Each Player Is Limited To Two Attacks Per Battle, And By The End Of The Day, The Highest-Ranked Team Is The Winner.

If The Two Tribes Have The Same Number Of Stars.

The Winner Is The One Who Holds The Highest Percentage Of Destruction.

If He Uses His Attacks In Battle, Players Receive A Bonus Loot.

The Loot May Vary At Different Bases And Is Decided By The Super Sale.

The Upper Base Has The Highest Combat Bonus Loot And The Least Base Has The Least Amount Of Bonus Loot.


If The Tribe Wins The War, The Bonus Loot Is Delivered To The Player In Full.

But During The Loss Or One-Third Of The Loot Is Delivered To The Player.

[14] Updated March 2016, 35V35 And 45V45 Were Removed [15] [16] [17].

Available War Sizes Were 50V50, 40V40, 30V30, 25V25, 20V20, 15V15, 10V10 And 5V5 [18] [19 ] [20].

Klaus Will Fight Seven Other Tribes To Advance To The Next League.

And Earn League Medals By Earning Stars In The Klan Wars League.

The Group With The Highest Stars In The Group Will Be Promoted To The Upper Leagues.

While The Tribes In The Group With The Least Stars Will Be Relegated To The Lower Leagues.

Builder Base.

In Builder Base Game Mode, One Player Attacks Another Player’S Village.

Following The Update On May 22, 2017, Super Sale Released A New “Builder Base” Game Mode For The Game.

This Allows Players To Travel To The New Island And Create A New Village With Different Sets Of Buildings [22].

The Player Who Loses The Most Or Gets The Most Stars Can Get Rewards Like Gold, Riches, And Trophies.

However, Gold And Rich Can Only Be Won For The First Three Victories.

Made By The Player In A 24-Hour Timeframe, But May Continue To Attack The Trophy Later.

Players Can Spend Gems To Increase Playing Time.

Clock Tower

With The Introduction Of Clock Tower (Temporarily The Speed Of The Entire Builder Base).

And Jim Mine, Progress To This Base Will Be Much Faster. With This Update A New Hero.

The Buttle Machine, Has Also Been Introduced.

It Is The Only Hero In The Game That Has A Reusable Ability Called An Electric Hammer.

In March 2018, Builder Hall Level 8 Was Released, Which Is Currently The Highest Level Of Builder Hall.

Tribe Games And Magic Items.

In December 2017, The Super Sale Introduced The Klan Games.


The First One In Which The Members Of The Tribe Could Work Together.

After Which The Klan Points Would Be Earned.

The Klan Games Have Recently Started To Become Monthly.

When Enough Points Are Accumulated, A New Reward Level Opens.

And Players Can Select One Reward From Each Open Level.

The Update Also Introduced Magical Items, Which Can Be Used To Enhance Certain Aspects Of The Player’S Village.

Magic Items Are Eligible For Prizes Through Clan Games And Events. [23] [24].

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