Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

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Clash Of Clans Gems Hack

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack Is A Very Intresting Game.

The Hug Glider, however, is not such a great invention.

– it’s actually a regular hug rider that just glows in the air after hitting a building first or doing any damage.

and then transforms into a Hedge Rider with mechanics.

Until we already know – what I already thought. Clash Of Clans Gems Hack


In fact these soldiers have added a lot of tactical depth, Hugglider can be targeted by air defense.

and will defend defensively after landing, it will allow you to take some defensive actions.

Will also need to be careful about the attack.

However, how powerful or weak the Hug Glider will be depends on the final figure.

but I realize that it would not be a killer army like the Knight Witch when it was released.

but could still add much value to us. Is. Still, I don’t expect BH9’s Meta Hug to be Glider spamming.

The Hug Glider Clash Of Clans Gems Hack.

One very interesting thing is that we will get another builder for another builder (called ATTO) for Builder Hall.

and also send a master builder to our home village to become a roof builder.

Clash Of Clans Gems Hack Clash Of Clans Gems Hack.


People have been asking him for this for a long time and Supercell decided to implement it in such a way that you would need as much BH8 to use it – now I’m very non-existent. Minor comments see how unfair it is and whatever … but to be honest it’s not a matter of getting the maximum BH8. Sorry, I know people will hate me in the comments but I haven’t been using my daily attacks (not every day) and I’ve already sat in the builder hall for a total of 8 months. So I don’t think this is a huge issue and the builder base is also motivated to play.

Auto Hit

Last but not least I was thinking a lot about the new practice mode … When I heard it in the video, I thought it would allow us to attack its base in the end, but This is not the case.

This is actually their new way to allow new soldiers to execute or attack tactics, and I hope that they learn (automatically) by playing a new tactic that attacks the game. People don’t want to shy away from creative creators, but also think it’s good for them. Players who do not go to the Internet search or YouTube.



is difficult to tell now how it will develop in the future and how much effort they have to invest to make this feature.

Pictus mode

So now it is and I am really looking forward to the second part that will finally show us what the Consul will do about the clouds in the Legend League and I have a feeling that a lot will change about this league – Clash Royal And the Struggle Stars – I think we get more rewards and incentives for pushing the trophy in the future, but it’s just a feeling I’ve had

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Balance changes (June 8th)
There is a fresh in the news section that we have to change some of the balance that will be included in the June update and they are many and interesting in some cases.

In Town Hall 12

there are new levels for Heroes, Golems and additional levels of spells (you can see the full list here).

I don’t want to just copy paste the list here, but talk about the things that really make the difference.

The earthquake spell will now increase in response with each new level, not damage. So, a Level 1 earthquake spell has the same radios as the Earthquake spell does now, but at the maximum level it will enable 4.7 tiles against more settings – at least that’s my prediction. As was widely used in war attacks, where bases and more and more dry places where the current earthquake was not powerful. Still, 4 earthquake spells will carry into any wall.

As you can see here, the response will really make a difference:

Earthquake Detectives June 2019


The next thing is Skeleton Spell, a shell that started massively (at least that’s how it appeared) but the Klein Castle soldiers got the Nyarf just before the last minute, as it was no longer a trailer. – Today, skeletal spelling is a certain magic used in unusual cases, but it never made it to stand, especially during the Bat Spell tool.

Now we have a great change here that skeletons promote their needs and have a coach for that skeleton. The Army is basically nothing more than a defense that requires two attacks to reduce a skeleton and is interested in many situations, especially heroes busy or upset CC soldiers. Maintains. I’m really looking forward to it and seeing it collide with some meta buds.

Skeleton magic with skeletons

The next thing I really like is that the Grand Warden has finally found a 3D pattern – this means we will see a new skin for that very soon. But that’s not all, in the end she does not look like a purple version of the toy, she really looks like a hero.

Grand Warden 3D model


Another visual change me

Research Potion and Hammer Changes (June 4)
The news of the update is getting closer and the first of all Supercell just released is called Research Potion, which will be a new magic item – it’s the equivalent of a Builder Potion and this research will last for 1 hour. Fold up the fold. So you will basically save 9 hours of research when using one.

Research potatoes

Builder is not as effective as Potion (you can research only 5 things you can do with your builder, compared to 5 labs), but yes, I do not pick up on some of them in Klan games. Or in seasonal challenges

One more thing is important and it will affect all of our storage mods for the League Shop – after 7 days of updates you can only buy one type hammer! So, if you like me, there are hundreds of medals waiting for the new update to push up many buildings once again … you just have to work!


Use your medals and get a hammer of every kind before the refresh drops (if you can afford it), after the update you just have to wait.

Of course, this harmony is only for this type of weapon! If you get a hammer, you can still get the hammer in the building, but you will have to wait 7 days to get another hammer.

I think that Supercell saw that many or more players will be stocking and hurling their medals when a new update, like TH13 that I think will be a thing for 2019, continues. Will be done.

So, stealth # 1 out there, update next week?.

no! Supercell already said that they will be releasing more sneak peaks in the coming weeks.

so it will take some time until we see more of the next update.

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