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Clash Of Royals

Top 10 Errors In The Clash Royale.

This Is A List Of The Top 10 Mistakes I See Players Make In Clash Royale. Some Mistakes Are Mostly Made By Beginners, But I Still Think They Can Be Useful For Thinking About Experienced Players. Clash Of Royals However

I Have Written Clash Of Royals About Them In Importance. I Am Convinced That Not Counting Amra And Playing Aggressively Are Two Of The Biggest Mistakes Clash Has Made For Royal Players. Doing One Of These Two Mistakes Will Have A Big Impact On Your Game. If You Have Clash Of Royals Things To Add Or Something You Don’T Agree With, Please Leave A Comment.

1. Don’T Calculate Nectar.

Elixir Advantage Is One Of The Most Important Concepts In Clash Royale. If You Consistently Kill Enemy Forces More Than You Spend Yourself, You Win The Game. One Of The Big Mistakes That Most Players Make Is That They Don’T Pay Close Attention, Especially To New Players. You Can Learn More About Discrimination In Clash Royale Here.

Account – Discrimination-Clash-Royale

Whenever You Play A Card, Think About Whether It Benefits You Or Not. The Most Common Example Would Be A Goblin Barrel. Goblin’S Barrel Costs 4 Rich To Cast And You Can Kill It Instantly With Good Time Arrow Cards. The Arrows Cost 3 Nectar So You’Ll Be A Distraction After The Play. If You Keep Making Plays Clash Of Royals Like This, You Will Be Ahead.

Too. Playing Very Aggressively.


In My Opinion Playing By The Players Is Another Common Mistake. It Is Usually More Fun To Attack And Kill Your Opponent’S Tower Than It Is To Defend Yourself.

Often You Send All Your Troops On A Lane To Hit The Enemy Tower In Clash Of Royals. Your Opponent Defends Its Tower With Most Of Its Troops And Sends A Prince, A Hog Rider, Or Something Else To Kill Your Undead Tower. The Result Is That You Can Remove It Without Losing Your Tower.

3. Playing The Winner’S Game.


This Is A Concept I Have Talked About Before, And There Is A Great Article About It.
In Most Classic Royal Games, Players Are Of Equal Skill. The Elo Rating System Eventually Leads To This.


When Two Players Are More Or Less Evenly Matched, The Winner Is Usually The Player Who Makes The Fewest Mistakes. However, Most People Are Generally Trying To Make The Fancy A Winning Place, Rather Than Focusing On Making Mistakes. This Is A Winner’S Game, And What Should You Try To Avoid. Instead, Play The Loser Game And Trade Consistency With Good Nectar And Avoid Mistakes. This Will Allow You To Win The Game In The End.

T. Keep Playing While Leaning.
When Playing The Title.

The Clash Happens To Most Players When They Lose Several Pairs Of Games In A Row. That Means Getting Angry And Then Playing For The Worse. This Concept Is Very Common In Poker, Which I Used To Play Before.

If You Have Trouble Losing, Then Take A Break After Three Consecutive Games. Keep Playing And Don’T Get Too Angry Because You’Re Playing Worse And Worse, If You Do, You Could Lose A Hundred Cups.

5. Frequent Deck Switching.

Switching Deck – Often.I Totally Agree That It’S A Pleasure To Try Out New Decks, Especially When You Unlock New Cards, So It’S Nice To Check Them Out. However, Do Not Rearrange Your Entire Deck Every Time You Eat Something.

Instead I Suggest You Learn One Deck Well And Then Adjust The Deck By Replacing Only One Or Two Cards At A Time. Plus, If You Stay On The Same Deck For A Long Time, You Can Focus On Getting Only The Cards You Need Instead Of Equating Everything.

6. It’S Too Late To Play Cards.

Very Late Clash-Royale

The One That Hit Your Tower Has Gone Wild, Do You Really Need To Keep Your Archers Out There? No, You Don’T. The Tower Is Fixing Itself And Now You Have Spent 3 Points On The Archers Who Will Die Without Having To Do Anything Useful To Your Opponents’ Tower.

I Do It Myself Often. I Have To Wait For The Nectar And The Delay Is Too Late To Play The Card And The Result Is That I Just Waste The Nectar. This Is Also Very Common To Do With Arrows. Your Opponent Throws A Barrel Of Goblins At You, And You Become So Slow In Running Arrows That The Goblin Has Already Died. Playing Cards Has Long Been A Great Leak.

7. Actively Playing The Reaction Card.

Game-Reaction Cards

Active Cards Are Cards That Are Hard To Trade Positive Nectar With Your Opponent. A Good Example Of This Would Be Baby Dragon, With Which It Is Difficult For Your Opponent To Trade Positive Nectar. It Works Well Against Most Soldiers And Can Do A Lot Of Damage To Enemy Towers As Well.

Useful Cards, On The Other Hand, Are Cards That Aim To Counter Other Cards. You Use This Card To React To Your Opponent’S Tricks. It’S A Big Mistake To Play When They Have Nothing To React To. Arrows And Frozen Hedges Are A Fine Example Of This. Do Not Shoot Arrows At Your Opponents’ Towers, Nor Will You Destroy The Elixir. The Same Is True Of Soldiers Like The Minions Or The Skeleton Army, If They Play Alone They Are A Waste Of Distinction.

8. Running Out Of Nectar.

Very Discriminatory.

It’S Very Frustrating That Amari Is Over And Just Has To Sit There And Watch Your Opponent Take Out Your Guardianship. Unless You Know That Your Opponent Is Also Down To Rich, Defending You Or Pushing You Will Really Change The Game.

9. Pay Attention To Just One Place.

Only One Place Royale – Error

The Collision Royal Has Two Lanes, You Have To Pay Attention To Both Of Them. It’S Easy To Focus On Just One Place In The Middle Of The Action. Humans Have A Tendency To Get Tunnel Vision When Something That Is Really Excruciating Or Disturbing, Such As Expelling Their Opponents From The Tower Or Defending Themselves. When That Happens, You Have No Idea What’S Going On In The Second Lane. This Has Happened To Me Countless Times, Pay Attention To It And Try To Avoid It.

10. Not Knowing Enough About The Card.

Cards About Not Knowing Enough.

If You Want To Be Successful In The Clash Royal You Need To Know The Basics Of The Card. Basic Things Like Which Military Aircraft To Target, Which Soldiers Are Flying, Which Squad Deal With Splash Damage. Etc. You Can Take A Look At The Card Category On This Site, Or If You Would Like To Check Out My Clash Royale Guide App. Also Ipad / Iphone. You Should Also Know Which Army Is A Tank And Which You Have To Defend With Other Soldiers.

If You Know Of Any Other Misunderstandings Royal Players Have Made, Please Let Me Know By Leaving A Comment Here. Really Appreciate The Feedback.

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