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Coc Hack Be Sure!
If You Take Just One Challenge To Make Sure You Eliminate It, You Will Waste Your Tribe’S Strength And Time.

Clan Games Are A Game Against The Clock, And If You Face A Challenge And Cancel It Again After A Few Hours, You Have Taken The Opportunity To Put Your Other Teammates To The End Of The Challenge And Now They Have Have Less Time.

Also, If You Do Not Complete The Challenge Or Do Not Complete The Challenge, They Will Not Be Able To Meet Your Peers Again So You Cannot Be Sure That You Will Eliminate Them!

What! No! Money!
I Know You Will See Many Challenges That You Can Easily Do, But You Are Doing Yet Another Active Challenge.


Don’T Take Anything For Granted Before You Take On One Of Your Teammates To Finish A Challenge! This Is Coc HackThe Wrong Attitude For Clan Games. Coc Hack

It Doesn’T Matter If You Get The Most Points, All That Matters Is The Klan As The Most Challenged, And If There Is Another Challenge It Doesn’T End. The Reward Is The Same For You, No Matter Whether You Or Your Partner Has Finished The Challenge Coc Hack

New Challenges Will Also Have A Lot Of Problems, So You Should Not Worry About Being Left Out Of The Freshness. Coc Hack

Something recently “Town Hall 13 Confirmed !!!!!” Hype around the community and I think I want to write a few lines here to get things straightened out because that kind of thing is, again, limits and possible ways to eliminate false expectations and frustration on some expectations. Coc Hack


TH13 … yeah …
True, Town Hall 13 is coming. Well, actually it shouldn’t be that surprising that TH10, TH11 and TH12 were introduced for client clash after the game when the game was initially released in 2012.

So, what happened at the time that such hype is now being created?

When looking at the previous developer’s video for the latest update, Supercell said they do not want two and a half years between the release of the new Town Hall such as between Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 12.

They also said they are in the midst of a 18 tonne level release.

It all got a little less noticeable when it was released, but in this recent video, Judo Slot has raised it that Town Hall 13 has been confirmed.


Don’t get me wrong, I really like its content and subscribe to it on YouTube, but this video was, in my opinion, no reason. No new information was found for any reason.

please !!!!!!! Understand these words “they do not want” and “their purpose” – words that do not confirm anything, so this is just an intention and the fact is, what will be the real schedule in the end. I also think of people making video and forum posts. See if it’ll be updated in the winter of 13 or confirmed for January, that’s no guess. Supercell doesn’t know how to expect anything !?

Sorry to lower expectations here but I must say.

City Hall 13


Will Town Hall be 13?
Now let’s talk about what will be Town Hall 13 and what it has to play here.

Will there be a new hero? TH7 … TH9 … TH11 … but how will he change the game with 4 heroes?
What about Giga Tesla? Will they take it away and make another defense there? He said he also did not need to enlarge the map so a new TH13 defense could be on the Klan Castle? If so, how will it develop like 14? Will the spell factory be defended? 
What’s this topic? The town hall raised the electronic theme from the hidden tassels and the original blue walls were before the wall became a wall. There is no associated theme in the game right now so there is a whole new need to come.


Speakel said before the release of Turn 12, he did not want the new town hall level to be merely defensive and spells to new soldiers and sports. I remember this sentence. Darren obviously because I’m angry all the time when I think about it.

the siege machines and everything was introduced in my updates so that I was on my way to the town hall. Do Not Attract 12.

The good thing about all of this is that the game is constantly evolving if you look at 2-4 years when there was no agriculture other than upgrade and the Kalyan Wars and Speckle need to understand that They keep them attractive to the game.

I am still looking for who he will bring and I also like how he has changed his communication and how he has introduced new content to the game in the last 1-2 years and I hope New Town The hall really combined with some of the Archer Tours defenses at the top of Level 22 Clean Castle

Coc Hack

Sorry if I broke some high expectations with my personal opinion but maybe I will save you some disappointment in the end.

Looking forward to discussing about TH13 with you in the comments below or discussing anything that may come up in a client conflict with you.

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