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This means that each player will see the same plants and books in each row, but Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir are valuable as well, but the amount of resources changes.

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Resource rewards and magic items Coc Wiki
The honor structure is always for each tribe during the clan game, so you will always find the things you can choose in the form of each prize.

This means that each player will see the same plants and books in each row, but Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir are valuable as well, but the amount of resources changes.

There are many theories on how the Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir amounts – the simple answer is, depending on your clean castle, or the extent of your treasure. Coc Wiki

As we all know, the boundary of the treasure is always dependent on your Town Hall level (not your Clean Castle level), so it is linked to your Town Hall. Coc Wiki

Coc Wiki

It’s always something between 10% -50% of your treasure range. Coc Wiki

Plan your rewards
It is always important to push forward with rewards. After 7 days after the Clan Games are over, you can drop Coc Wiki your prize off of the Reward Games unless you need to pick it up (or, if you begin before the start of a new one you will need to pre-order. Need to be collected).

Coc Wiki gives you a great opportunity to spend your books and pirates until you have enough space to store them in your Clean Castle.

Come to know that you have a spell book in your clean castle so you can’t submit to another – to keep your rewards unreasonable unless you have enough resources to start an upgrade. Use the book in the castle and then collect the prizes. Then how to sell books or collect them.

Coc Wiki

Klan Game Leader
Many of you have asked me, how the game has been decided which of the clan games will be above the leaderboard when multiple people have the same clan points.

Coke Klan Game Leader

Well, first of all, it doesn’t matter if you are in the first or the 25th place. Each player who completed at least one challenge will receive a prize that is part of any other group.

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An algorithm that determines what it means when more people have the same amount:

Experience level (maximum XP level will be higher across the board)

Coc Wiki

Money Challenges (less is better)
Time to end challenges now (less is better)
Search by typing
There is a problem with members of each tribe who complete only 1-2 challenges and receive full rewards – proud of their members who always get all the points.

Now you can find out which members are easily with CGLeech, a free tool:

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Strategies to get the most high rewards tires and magic items
As previously stated, only the most powerful of ingredients offer powerful and powerful magic items and more resources and precious stones. Here are some simple strategies that you (and your peers) should use to earn the most rewards.


Patience and encouragement!
Don’t hurry, there are maximum points you can contribute to the Klan Pool!

Klan game cap score

No matter how many challenges you complete, only scores are scored for that score. On the one hand motivation for your entire tribe to participate, but also disappointing for those who always perform well in the challenges, when half the tribe is not participating, then for your tribe. Most rewards will not be allowed.

Make sure all your members take part and make the challenge complete!

It’s about the team!
How many clans you submit to your entire tribe through the rewards you receive, how often you are not exhausted!


A simple rule here is not to take on the challenges posed by low-level players – you need to destroy 15 Gold Mine if you take it and leave TH8 in your possession. The Challenge to Destroy 5 Eagle Artillery You will see that your total occupancy reaches the highest number of ingredients.

Just choose the ones you can but leave it easy for the lesser players.

There is no reason to be greedy, all your clan rewards do not depend on the rewards nor how many points you get.

Understand your cape!
There is a cap on how many points you can contribute to the total score of your rings.

If you are less than the maximum and take a challenge that exceeds that amount, the extra points are not counted.

Get more clan game points


Let’s say you have a cap of 500 and now you have 480 points and will take the last challenge for 100 points, your score will show up after completing 500 and only 20 points total score I’ll join Only lost 80 points that one of your peers participated in.

So always try to hit the hat as close as possible to ruin the valuable challenges your clients need to finish.

Kill him and leave him
Sometimes you just look at the challenges that are bad and none of you are selecting them.

When you’ve finished a challenge and your army is training as well, choose an unusual challenge and skip it. You will receive a 10-minute drawdown, but now a new challenge appears and when your army is trained you can take on a new challenge without any loss.


With each stolen challenge, it will add 10 minutes to the timer – the first will give you 10 minutes of powder, solid time will not give you as much suds for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, Will help. Too much (and for your own ingredients)

Choose wisely!
Sell ​​Magic Items

If you do not want to use it you are likely to sell any magic items.

You’ll find jewelry for sale:

Passion: 25 essences each
Books: 50 Jewelry Each
The book of everything: 100 gems


So make sure to take that into account when choosing your rewards! Here you can see a great example where choosing jewelry in a Tier II would be a big mistake as the 2 adventures are very valuable when you decide to sell them.

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