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Coco Games Is Also A Clash Of Clans Game In Which Players. Can Play Clash Of Clans Game Ie Coco Games Easily. Coco Clan Games

The difference between the Klan Wars and the safety of the Clean Castle troops in Millpar
You may be wondering why a dedicated post is necessary to protect soldiers in the Klan war.

There are some situations in the Clean War in which different careers require variations for the best soldiers in the Battle Castle.Coco Clan Games

Lack of surprise – after 2-3 minutes your enemy discovers that there is no first attack inside your Klan Castle
Your enemy is better prepared to attack (we don’t want that!)
The taste of wonder in the clan war Coco Clan Games

Coco Games

I personally see a huge difference – and even more – in the Klan war. Your enemy knows what’s coming from Clean Castle because it needs to look at the base locations that attacked its other allies.

Klan Wars Base Klein Castle Scouting

My advice is to avoid filling the entire clan empire with at least the same setup. With different collections of soldiers that you find below take some surprises by recruiting fighters.

Imagine an attacker attacking # 10 and he found out that Base # 9 was a wizard in the Klan Castle, but you put a dragon in # 10. I think you talk to me, okay?

Coco Games

With all the soldiers available, there are endless possibilities to combine with them, but the right approach is always in favor of confronting those who must defend your base.

A defensive CC setup will always include:

Base Base (with more housing space)
Different types of soldiers (making it difficult to fight a military type).
Fill troops (to use all the housing space in your Clean Castle available)
Here are the rules you should always keep in mind when you request troops:

There is only one type of army in your Clean Castle! This will make it very easy to take them out, especially when the attacker is ready.

Prevent too few hit point soldiers like the Archers, Minions, and more – most attackers easily poison them with poisonous spells. They support very well and recruit soldiers, but no.


It’s not all about loss! Shots and lava hounds do no harm but the Queen is busy or dealing with extra damage when destroyed.

Mix up the airport and the ground to make it difficult for the attacker to cope with his defense.

To select the best soldiers
Now I want to show you useful soldiers that I can use for the three types shown above.

Base soldier
There are good twenty soldiers

Lava Hound
Electric Dragon!


Because they are not really affected by the magic of a poison and the Pups damage the same bomb bomb after destroying the queen and shelling during a Queen Charge. Time is always a big enemy of your invaders and they keep their troops engaged for some time.

I do not recommend using teeth (they will do more harm than toxic spelling and avoid any serious damage) or pikka (hit speed is very slow, it gets hit 3 times before damage).

Electro Dragon Protection in CC

Electro Dragons are a defensive soldier, as long as the army will attack him after attacking him, as long as his strength can be hit, and most of the damage will be done to the hero. Even after dying, the death toll inflicted much on the invading soldiers


Different types of soldiers
The best options here are the military, which has grown to deal with matters. I prefer

Wizards (because skeletons attack busy soldiers)
As a bowler he can also kill the soldiers behind the tank
You can come up with a lot of your results.

Here are the soldiers you should be the only one inside your CC:

Baby dragon and other shrubs with splash damage in the dragon
Vicarious because it does amazing damage when it hits
Balloon (so slow and likely that one of these groups always goes down in the magic of poison)
From my experience there is no better choice of a ruler or a Hodge rider in your Klan Castle.

Recruiting forces

Now that you have some residual space that you should fill in, I recommend using:

Minion (if you don’t have a baby dragon, remove that Risa bonus)
The West are very slow and die very fast and the goblins are very quick they will reach the target first and be killed without having to deal with any damage.

Best Clean Castle Army for the Klan Wars
If you stay on the list above, you can combine troops as you like and want to do a deadly defense.

However, I just wanted to show you some setup that you can choose from.

Town Hall 8 (25 Housing Space)

In Town Hall 8 (and at least), you want to pay more attention to the damage you have to deal with soldiers in your clean castle, so that they look at the same town hall troop figures for a simple reason.

Also, the tank soldiers have to do a good job against the Queen’s charges, but TH8 and at least Archer is not included in the Queen, but lives at a disadvantage.

I have seen excellent results with their collections in my clan wars.

1 Baby Dragon, 1 Vicari, 1 Assistant, and 3 Archer (my favorite): The baby dragon does a lot of damage (and can even ruin a Hodge Rider attack) and Vicari is also nasty to deal with and causes a lot of trouble. Damage to and from attacking soldiers.
1 Baby Dragon, 1 Witch and 3 Arches: What Causes Differences and is one of my favorite collections
1 Dragon, 1 Wizard (Max) and 1 Archer: This would be too much territory to deal with damage and maybe someone would think to bring a balloon or a hug rider. In this case, you just saved your clan a few stars.
3 Balloons (Max), 2 Magicians (Max) and 1 Archer: Balloons do not work as long as no one is attacked with the dragon. You should only use this combo when your base is strong against the dragon (deep inside your air defenses, etc.).
1 Witch, 3 Wizards (Max) and 1 Archer: The Dutch will capture the attacking soldiers with all the skeletons while the wizards do a lot of damage. The good thing is that they are a loss in relation to all that they can hide behind the wolves.
Protect the clan war soldiers


Town Hall 9 (30 housing space)
It is here that Archer Queen is starting to play a big role in your preparation, when it comes to your defense’s Clean Castle Soldiers.

When it comes to the Klan war, your task in Town Hall 9 is to defend the first attack, not to get the first 3-year-old, it will cost the enemies an extra authority and help you win.

Here’s my recommendation

1 Lava Hound (usually my favorite) to slow down the Archer Queen, is a wonderful surprise for the first attack and will always take the attacker to the attacker.
3 Victims, 1 Magician and 2 Archer (if you have problems with sticks): If your base is constantly wiped out by witch attacks, it will be very difficult for you to stop these attacks in your Clean Castle and make them very difficult. Must set up.
1 Electro Dragon: It can be a pain to deal with but I still prefer this one, useful for bringing a little surprise into my defense setup, if all the other TH9s are lava hounds in CC.
1 Baby Dragon, 2 Victory and 1 Helper: It’s also a good combination of giving invaders some trouble, especially if they attack with a Hodge Rider.
Golem 1: If your tribe has problems with lava hounds you can think of it, otherwise lava hounds are much more effective.

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