Games Like Clash Of Clans

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Games Like Clash Of Clans

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Games Like Clash Of Clans

Games Like Clash Of Clans Whoa, The First Information About The Update And It’S Great If You Ask Me:

June 2019 Update Games Like Clash Of Clans

So It Is Confirmed That We Will See Bh9 In The Next Update, Well, This Is Nothing New And Is Going To Come A Long Way As More And More Players Have To Reach Bh8 Or Already Can Be Maximized. Games Like Clash Of Clans

The Good Thing Is That We Will Finally Get “Operation Blue Sky” Results. For Those Of You Who Don’T Know What It Is, It Tries To Fix The Clouds During The Clan Games Of The High Leagues, Especially The Legend League, And The Titan League. It Took Sparkle A Long Time To Work Out A Solution That Could Not Completely Ruin The Entire Game.

Games Like Clash Of Clans

Right Now, About 1% Of All Players Are In Legend League, So Why Is This Important? The Thing Is, There Are A Lot Of Players Out There That Avoid The Legend League Because Of The Clouds (As I Do, My Last Visit To The Legend League Was In April 2018), So This Update Is A Lot To Impress Players Who Actually Want To But Was Not Just Because An Hour For A Matchup Is Just The Opposite Of Fun.

I Think The Base Is Much More Than A Quick Show (If It’S Like A Small Secret They Already Do), I Think There Will Be Something More About It … Anything More Than That Would Be Possible. 20K Gold / Elixir Extra League Bonus To Be Sure). Games Like Clash Of Clans

But Wait What Happens … And It Gives Me Another Great News In This Post And It Says They Are Still On Track To Release The Update Before July! Games Like Clash Of Clans

And We All Know, When Sparkle Pulls Out A Message Like This, They Are Making Sure They Are On Track, They Will Only Tell At The Last Minute (I Can Remember Like 2-3 Cases). When A Bad Bug Has Been Found.).

Games Like Clash Of Clans

So, The Good News, Right? Games Like Clash Of Clans

Unlike Many Other Pages (And In The Past), I Didn’T Want To Post Just Bases In A Row That Nobody Could Use, Because It Doesn’T Prove That They’Ll Work And I Have To Post Countless Bases. Do Not Get The Point. When You Actually Only Need One For Your Home Village And For The Clean War In The Town Hall.

So, Instead, I Decided Just Two Bases Here, 1X Battle Base For Th12 And 1X Trophy Base For Th12 That I Will Do A Deep Review And Show You That I Really I Like Them And How I Use Them. Self

I Believe That Bombing With Many Bases Is More Helpful

Updated With Base Copy Link And Summer 2019 Update Games Like Clash Of Clans

Th12 Wise Base Design
Start With The Base Design For The Tough War.


This Is The Th12 Wise Base

Th12 Battle Base July 2019

(Click “Open In New Tab” For Full Size)

I Think It’S Great
I’Ve Been Using Several Fighters, Including The Clean War League, And Had A Great Experience With It. I’Ve Never Seen About 20 Attacks And Even 3 Terrorists, And The Attacker Only Gets 1 Star With Less Than 50 Percent Against That Base.

Is It Enough To Use It? I Think So

But We Keep A Close Eye On Defense Capabilities …

General Layout Of The Base

Games Like

It’S Always Difficult To Be A Fighter Because There Needs To Be A Perfect Bridge Between The 3 Star Defense But 2 Star Is Not Easy Either, So The Base Decided To Put Some More Weight On The Safety Of The Town Hall Here. This Is Especially Good If You Want To Get Used To The Clean Wars League, Which Is 2 Star And Percentage Of Percentage Is Often Decided By The Winner.

In Other Areas, Dying Areas Are More Standard (It’S Not Bad) With Enno Towers And Smaller Entities That Use A Great Way To Manage Security.

And How Does It Defend? Let’S Look.

You Often See Attacks Like Pekka Smash Or Electrone That Are Powerful Enough So You Need To Defeat Them With The Strategy You Want To Use For The Clean War Or The Klan Wars.

Let’S See How This Th12 Wise Base Performs.

Games Like Clash

First, The Attacker Needs To Clear The External Primer To Shoot Troops – Especially With The Pkka Smash Necessary For The Attack To Perform Well. With This Stimulus, The Invader Needed To Invest Like 50-80 House Space And Could Not Get Much Value Because It Only Cleans Its Garbage Buildings.

In Addition, The Dying Area Inno Towers Will Be Led By Street Soldiers Such As The Town Hall Section Of Pekka And Borders, Eventually Failing To Gain 2 Stars Or Higher Percentages.

On The Other Hand, Attacking The Right In The Town Hall Section Is Really Expensive, With The Cost Of Heroes And The Tension Upset, Even With Tons Of Time Being Fired, And Thus, It Is Already A Makes Good Foundation.

Th12 Hair Base Anti-Queen Charge


But This Is Also Another Benefit And It Is For Defending Against The Attacks Of The Electro Dragon – They Need To Attack In This Area Or They Will Not Meet The Town Hall And Only Have 1 Star.

The Problem (For Them) Is That, They Won’T Survive Too Much And Will Have A Lot Of Trouble Entering The Middle Section Of The Base Where They Have No More Than Twenty Bases. Be Hard On Them

You Can See Here That The Attackers Are Only 4 Electro Dragons Sitting At 35 ŮŞ 1 Star And Are Unlikely To Reach 2 Stars.

Th12 Battle Base Anti-Electro Dragon

An Overall Choice For The Upcoming Cwl Season And A Solid Option If You Want To Use A Fresh Base That Is Not Used Everywhere.

Games Like Clans

Copy Outlook Link:
Click Here

You Can Copy The Base Directly Using This Link, But Please Understand That The Constraints Will Prevent The Building From Being Placed. If You Have Some Grass Design Or Many Obstacles In Your Base You Will Need To Manually Build The Parts From The Following Picture.

Download The Game

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