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Lords Mobile

However Lords Mobile Is Free To Play And Offers In-App Purchases. According To App Annie, The Game Is One Of The Highest Grossing Apps (Strategy) On The App Store (Ios) And Google Play.

Lords Mobile

However Its Gameplay Consists Of Several Game Modes. The Most Notable Of Which Are The Battles Of Pvp. Players Must Prepare Their Base And Form An Army To Attack Enemy Bases, Destroy Them
Seize Resources, And Capture Enemy Leaders. Generally, Players Can Attack Only Enemies Of Their Empire, But During Kingdom War (Kvk),
All Servers (Sometimes, Only One System Selected) Are Opened For Attacks (Except For New Servers). ). Shield). Players Can Attack Monsters And Other World Bosses Who From Time To Time Appear On The Map Of The Kingdom To Claim Resources From Them. In Addition To The Usual Attacks, Players Can Take Part In Contests, Which Aim To Occupy A Location On The Map, Whereby Any Of Their Profiles Or Guilds Will Receive A Bonus:

Wars Of Wonder;
Feudal Wars
Battle Royal

Battlefield View (Attack On Enemy Base)
However The Game Also Has Several Additional Gameplay Modes:

Hero Stages – Pve Mode, However The Player Faces A Series Of Challenges Using Unique Heroes. Completing The Stages Allows However The Player To Experience New Heroes, Heroes, And Heroes. Content.
Colosseum – Pvp Mode, However The Player Selects Five Heroes And Fights Against The Hero Selected By Another Player. The Victory Results In The Hero’S Experience And High Rank In The Colosseum Ranking. The Game’S Premium Currency, Gems, Players Are Given Their Positions.
Maze – Pve-Mode, The Player Can Challenge However The Boss To Claim Various Resources And High-Speed Objects. At This Point, Players Can Get A Jackpot On The Gems.

Kingdom Tycoon –

Pve-Mode, This Player Uses The Destiny Token To Roll The Dice And Moves To The End Of The Map. The Player Finds Various Resources, Items And Even A Chest Along The Way, And Eventually Jewel Gramalen, Where He Has The Chance To Win The Jackpot On The Gems.
The Game Requires Advanced Tactics And Tactical However Thinking To Attack And Defend. The Player Should Know Not Only Which Hero To Take In The War, Which Equipment To Wear, But Also To Be Able To Make Quick Decisions That Are Relevant To The Current Situation. In However Many Cases Capturing Places (For Example Surprises) Requires The Coordination Of Many Guild Players. []] However


Players Can Join Or Create Guilds To Collaborate With Other Players, However Regardless Of Their Location. Guilds Can Help Their Allies With Sweet Time And Investigative Time. They Can However Even Reward Their Allies By Defeating The Monsters Of The World And Shopping In The Game. []] Each However Group Has A Leader (R5) Who Can Assign Guild Members’ Rankings And Positions.

However The Role
Over 45 Characters In Lords Mobile Are Called Heroes. They Are Divided Into Several Types: Intelligent, Strong, Smart. The Game Strategy Assumes The Need To Improve These Roles. Most Heroes Are Available Through Game Purchase Bundles, While The Game Launches Heroes Only After The Hero Has Completed The Stage. [5]


There Are Many Reasons Why You Want To Move From One State To Another. Discover How To Make An Efficient Migration To Lords Mobile And You’Ll Save Yourself A Lot Of Irritation.

This Article Is Not Here To Address Your Emotional Issues And So I Do Not Have To Look For Reasons * Why You Want To Migrate. However I Will Try And Figure Out How To Migrate Effectively. In Other Words, The Way To Emigrate Without Pain.

What Is Migration?
Map Of All States

Lords Mobile Contains 100 Kingdoms (Servers). There Are 10,000 Players In Each Kingdom. Migration Occurs When You Travel Away From Your Current State And Travel To Another Kingdom.

Migration Is Restricted During Kvk (And During The Mini-Load Submission Period After Kvk).

The States Are Organized In A Progressive Manner. Empire 1 Is The Oldest And The Kingdom 250 Is Very Modern.

Reasons To Emigrate
I Said I Would Not Get Into Emotional Troubles. I Lied. It’S A Lot Of Fun To Track Down Everyone’S Worries.

You Are In A Boring State And You Are Looking For Action
You Have Made A Powerful Enemy In Your Current State And You Need To Escape From Them
You’Re Badly Beaten By Your Guild And Need A Fresh Start
Guilds And Players Are Very Strong In Your Current Society And You Are Constantly Attacked
You Have No Reason To Migrate So You Should Not Read This Article

What Do You Need To Migrate?
Migrate Scroll In The Bag

You Need A Migration Scroll To Migrate. A Rolled Piece Of Paper Somehow Enables You To Magically Move Your Castle And Millions Of Troops Elsewhere. View Stats

If You Do Not Have A Migration Scroll, You Will Need To Buy The Emigration With 810,000 Guild Coins. Yes, This Number Is Correct. To Travel To Another Kingdom You Must Spend More Than 20 Days Collecting Guild Coins.

You Can Buy A Migration Pack From The Store, Assuming You Are Not Interested In Collecting Guild Coins. There Will Be A Transfer Scroll In The Up And Off Pack.

Migration Packs Can Be Won At The Guild Quest Prizes. You Will Also Be Given A Free Migration After Your Flight At The Start Of The Game.

Reasons For Emigration

Migrating Sounds Like A Lot Of Fun. This Is Not. Here Are Some Reasons Why You Are Better Off Staying Current

You Will Waste All Your Resources. You Cannot Migrate With Too Many Resources In Your Bag.
Your Ranking Will Be Restored In Colosseum (And So Will All Those Free Jewelry).
You Will Lose All Allies And Naps From The Current State
All Relevant Titles Of Overlander, Along With Their Respective Promotions, Will Be Removed
You Cannot Run Away From Your Worries (This Is A Normal Lesson In Life)
This Is Really Expensive, Especially If You Join The Top 50 Of The Future Kingdom (See Chart Below).
If Your Kingdom Is Locked, You Are Safe From Migration. Migration Will Open You Up To Attacks Of Powerful Players
In Short, Make Sure You Are Sure You Want To Migrate. If You Do, Going Back Will Be Just As Expensive…

How To Research Other States?

The Foundation Of The Emigration Kingdom

If You’Re In The Top 50 Powers Of The Future Kingdom, You’Ll Need More Than 1 Migration Scroll. If You Are Going To Be The Top Plate In The Coming Kingdom, You Will Need 90 Transfer Scrolls. Yes, The Migrating 90 Scrolls Cost 72,900,000 Guild Coins, Or Around $ 500 Worth Of Up And Away Charging Packs. If You Are A Powerful Player, Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Scrolls.

A Few Important Notes To Look For Before Migrating:

See Who Is Powerful In Your Next State. While Researching, You Can Scan The Map And Ask Players What Strengths The Strongest Players Have, Or You Can Check Which Guild Owns The Base And Inspect Your Top Players.
Assuming That You Are Not Traveling With Your Guild, Make Sure There Is A Guild You Can Join.
See The Naps And Allies Of Powerful Groups. If You Are Looking For War, Make Sure You Do Not Reach A Peaceful State.

See How The Whole State Unfolds And How Many Gilders Are Crowded In Each Fort.

Choose Presence In The Same Language. See Who Has Bases Or Castles. See Who Gets The Bad Title (Click On The Title And See Who Are The Biggest Enemies). For Powerful Guilds, The Strongest Players Migrate First To Keep The Other Down.

Lords Mobile Migration Is Banned
Have You Tried And Migrated To A New Kingdom And Instead Received The Scary Message: Is The Lord’S Mobile Migration Banned?

There Are Several Possible Reasons Why You May Not Be Able To Emigrate To A Particular Country.

Possible Cause: Mini-Loads. After A Successful Kvk, The Winning Kingdom Gets A Jewelry-Filled Farm Resource Tile. This Is A Reward For Players Having Access To The Winning Kingdom, So It Is Limited To All Other Players.
The Kingdom Is New. New Empires Are Locked In For The First Few Months, While Players Build Their Weak Fortresses.

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