Star Wars

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Star Wars


The Star Wars Franchise Expanded To A Number Of Films And Other Media, Including Television Series, Video Games, Novels, Comic Books, Theme Park Attractions And Themed Areas, Including Fantasy Universe.

The Franchise Has Won The Guinness World Record For The “Most Successful Movie Trade Franchise.” [1] In 2018, The Total Cost Of The However Star Wars Franchise Was Reported At Us $ 65 Billion, And It Is Currently The Fifth Highest Grossing Media Voter. However

Star Wars

Later Subtitled Episode Iv – A New Hope, Followed By Episode 5 – The Empire Strikesback (1980) And Episode Vi – Reader Of Jedi (1983), Forming The Star Wars Triangle. A Sequel Trilogy is Later Released, Including Episode I – Phantom Menace (1999), However

Episode Ii – Attack Of The Clones (2002) And Episode Iii – Revenge Of The Sun (2005). Ten Years Later, Season Three’S Sequel With Episode Vii – Force Awakening (2015), Episode Viii – The Last Jedi (2017), And Ends With Ix – The Rise O However f Skywalker (2019). It Is Done. However

Together, The Three Trinity Are Collectively Known As The ‘Sky Walker Saga’. The First Eight Films Were Nominated For An Academy Award (With Two Wins In The First Release) And Were Commercially Successful.

In 2012, Lucas Sold His Company To Disney, And In April 2014, Most Of The Current Spin-Off Media Was Made Non-Canon And Renamed ‘Star Wars Legends’. However

Episode-Wise ‘Sky Walker Saga’ And The Clone Wars Film And Tv Series (2008–2014) Explain The Upcoming Work Alongside Canon. However

Stars Wars

The Star Wars Franchise Offers The Adventures Of Characters Who Were “Far Away In A Galaxy A Long Time Ago.

” [4] In Which Several Generations Of Humans And Aliens (Often Humanoid) Robots, Or ‘Drew’ With Them, Together, They Can Help Them With Their Daily Routines.

A Mystical Force Known As “The Force” Is Described In The Original Film As “An Energy Field Created By All Living Beings.” [It] Connects The Galaxy Together. []] The Conflicting Forces Under Each Other Are Under The Command Of Two Knight Hoods: However

Peaceful Jedi Of The Old Republic, Brutally Targeted By Royal Officials, Destabilizing And Mediating The Lighter Side Of The Force. And Seth, The Enemy Of The Ancient Galaxy Of Democracy, Who Uses The Dark Side To Combine Fear And Aggression. Although The Jedi Knights May Be Diverse, The Purpose Of The Dark Lords Of The City (Or ‘Dartys’) Is To Be Limited To Two: However A Master And His Thanks. [10]

Force Welders Are Very Limited

In Number Compared To The Rest Of The Average Population. Jedi And Seth Prefer To Use A Weapon Called The Light Barber.

However Which Is The Cylinder Hole (When Closed), But When Turn On, Raises The Laser Blade, Which Cuts Practically Any Surface.

Is. Is The War Between The Two However Factions The Result Of A Conflict Between The Use Of Sword Skills And The Use Of Force? In Addition To The Rest Of The Average Population, Refurbish Warfare And Soldiers Also Use Laser-Power Blaster Firearms, Which  Use By Power Users To Use Light Shavers.

Final Timeline

The Whole Story Of The Rise And Fall Of Various Governments Goes Well, Divided Into Three Periods: [11]

Period Of The Republic: The Period Of Trinidad, In Which The Republic Of The Republic Has Been Secretly Betrayed By Its Lord Chancellor Palpatine By Seth Dart Sides.

After The Clone War

Started Between The Government And The Separatist Confederacy, Peptin Overthrew The Republic, And Declared Himself Emperor, Ruling The Galaxy. [12] [13] [14] Perox Offers A Relatively Sleek Sleek And Designed Aesthetic Design Compared To The Original Trinity. [15]

Period Of Rebellion: The Era Of The Real Trinity, Fought In A Galactic Civil War By A Rebel Alliance That Lasted For Many Years, Ended With The Apparent Death Of The Emperor.

The Surviving Rebellion Has Given Birth To A New Republic. [16] [13] [14] In George Lucas’S Original Trinity Picture Of The “Used Universe”, The Galaxy Is Dirty And Serious. [17]

Age Of Resistance: A Period Of Secular Trilogy, In Which The Remnants Of The Empire Reform The First Order. [18] Heroes Of The Former Uprising Lead Resistance Against Oppressive Dictatorships.

Computer-Generated Imagery.

Instead Of Relying On Excessive Use Of Rhetoric, Force Awakens Director Jj Abrams Did Not Miss The “Amazing Bias” Of The Puppets And Practical Effects Used To Create The Classic Trilogy. Committed To Were [19]

There Are Three Sets Of Trilogy In The Star Wars Movie Series, Collectively Known As The “Sky Walker Saga”. [21] They Produced Historically, As Well As Episodes Iv – Vi (The Original Three) Were Release       Between 1977 And 1983, Episodes I – Iii (Percussion Triangle) 1999 And 2005.

Which Is Release Between 2015 And 2019. Each Triangle Focuses On The Generation Of The Focus Sensitive Sky Walker Family. The Original Trinity Depicts Luke Skywalker’S Brave Development, In Previous Events His Father Anakin’S Downfall, While His Sequel Star Luke’S Nephew Kylo Ren.

An Anthology Series Was Set Up In The Middle Of The Central Episodes, Resulting In The Development Of A Parallel Trilogy, In Parallel To The Development, [3] Described By Disney Cfo J Rasullo As The Original Story. [23] The First Entry, Rogue One (2016), Tells The Story Of Rebels Who Steal Dope Star’S Plans Directly Before Episode Iv. [24] [25] Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Focuses On Han Solo’S Back Story, Which Also Features Chewbacca And Lando Calrissian.

Lucasfield Has A Number Of Developing Star Wars Films,

Including The Creator / Actor David Beniov Of Game Of Thrones And Author-Turned-Filmwriter Db Voice. [26] The Installments  Release In December 2022, 2024, And 2026. [27] [28] That Changed In October 2019, When It  Announce That The Two  Separate From Star Wars Films,

Saying They Had A Contract. With Netflix Because They Were Effective On Movies. Could Not Work In Style. Kathleen Kennedy Acknowledges That The Studio  Open To Returning Couples When Their Schedule Is Allow. [29]

Another Trilogy Written By The Last Jedi Writer / Director Ryan Johnson. It Will Be Free From The Story Of Sky Walker. [31] In September 2019, It is Announce That Kennedy And Kevin Would Collaborate With Fiji To Produce An Additional Film From Star Wars. [32]


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