Vikings War Of Clans

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Vikings Clans Of War

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Vikings Clans Of War

Vikings Clans Of War Th12 Trophy Base Design (Home Village)
To Celebrate This Clouding, Not That Legend Is Still A Problem In The League, I Thought I’D Bring You A Premise That Does A Great Job Of Pushing The Trophy As A Town Hall. 🙂

Here Is The Base Layout: Vikings Clans Of War

👇 This Is The 12 Trophy Base Vikings Clans Of War

Th12 Trophy Base July 2019 Vikings Clans Of War
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(Click “Open In New Tab” For Full Size) Vikings Clans Of War

Vikings Clans Of War

I Think It’S Great
Solid Results From Looking At Alternatives, What Else? General Chat Chat Lounge

Th12 Trophy Base Defense Log

You’Ll Also See At Least 50% Of 1 Stars And At Least Unsuccessful Attacks.

General Layout Of The Base
The Base Contains The Smallest Components And The Town Hall Semi Is Familiar With The Area In Which You “Wonder, Muff * Cker!” Call.

In Fact, When I Look At Such A Foundation, I Know Exactly What I’M Working On And I Know That The Hidden Tesla Connects The Farm To The Corner Of The Toss And It’S Nothing New.


Still, I Would Like To Say 3 To 1 That His Queen Charge Is Still Set To Get To The Town Hall In The Corner. I Am Not Sure If They Are Really Blind To Seeing The Darkness Or They Just Think That They Are Smart And Still Attack From There.

Don’T Forget, Don’T Care If It Works And You Only Need 4 Wins To Win – Even With This Foundation You Can Definitely Win.

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The Assailants Attacked From The Left Corner And With Skeletal Tulips, Hidden Tassels, Barbie Kingship And Were Happy Again Until They Encountered The Town Hall.

Th12 Trophy Base Replay Corner Network Martyr

But We Talk About Why We Need Security Here.

Vikings Clans

We Have Queen Charges Who Are Working Extensively To Do The Work (I Don’T Even Do Other Things), So There Is A Defense That Must Be Defended.

Then You See The Most Invaders With Collections Of Bolivar / Wickets Or Balloons / Electro Dragons – I Would Say That 80% Of The Attacks You See And Attack Are Really Can Defend Well Against It. And Other People Are Also Likely To Use The Queen Charge

Queen Charge

Even When The Attacker Does Not Fall For The Edge Of The Honey, The Other Sides Are Very Good Against The Queen’S Charges As The Air Defenses Are In Places Where The Queen Does Not Find Them When They Are Able To Heal. It’S A Huge Pain And Queen Charge Fails Easily And Even Gives You A Defensive Win.

Defend The Third Trophy Base Queen Charge


Electro Dragon And Balloons

The Most Effective Attack Is The Electro-Dragon When It Can Use Its Channel To Its Full Potential – And This Is The Th12 Base Many Places Where China Will Not Jump To Another Building Because There Is Too Much Space Between Them Or It Can Pull. Are Doing. In A Way It Will Not Jump.

Defending 12 Electro Trophies Against Electro Dragons

This Will Make Them Less Damaged At The Same Time And Take Longer To Waste Through The Base. More Electric Dragons Will Go Down And Finally, The Attack Will Not Get Past The Middle Line Of The Base.

Boulder / Dutch / Pekka


In This Setting, The Attacker Needs To Overcome Many Walls, Not Large Enough. Usually The Attacker Has One Or Two Jumps And This Will Not Be Enough, So These Soldiers Will Hit The Walls Soon After, While The Eagle Artillery Will Shoot Down At Them And Take Them Fast.

Defense Of The Therapist Against Thamer 12

I Really Recommend You Use This Foundation – It’S Fresh And You Won’T Regret It.

Copy Outlook Link:
Click Here

You Can Copy The Base Directly Using This Link, But Please Understand That The Constraints Will Prevent The Building From Being Placed. If You Have Some Grass Design Or Many Obstacles In Your Base You Will Need To Manually Build The Parts From The Following Picture.

Vikings Of War

In The Skirmish Of The Next Clinic Games Clinic
Here You Will Find The Rewards Of The Upcoming Kalyan Games As Soon As They Can Be Given To You.

Clean Games Awards July 22 – July 28
Information For The Upcoming Clan Games Somehow Has Not Been Posted Yet (Probably Because The Diner Is On Social Media Accounts By The End Of This Week) – So It Can’T Be Confirmed. But Here Is My Information In The Upcoming Clan. The Game:

The Klan Games July 2019


  • Tier 1 – 3.000 Points – 1X Hero Potion, Elixir Or 60 Jewels
  • Tier 2 – 7.500 Points – Dark Elixir (Or Tier 3 – 12.000 Points – Gold, 1X Resource Potion Or 80 Jewels
  • Tier 4 – 18.000 Points – Elixir, 2X Training Position Or 1X Builder Position
  • Tier 5 – 30.000 Points – 1X Ronder Gold Gold, 1X Ron Builder Elixir Or Gold
  • Tier 6 – 50.000 Points – 1X Right Dark Elixir, 1X Building Book Or 150 Jewelry
  • The Next Annual Games Will Be “Birthday Games” In August, Celebrating 7 Years Of Total Clauses So We Can Expect Some Great Prizes There.

How Clan Games Work
The Klan Game Is, Essentially, A Set Of Challenges That Help You Overcome Points That Will Reward You With Resources, Gems And Magic Items In Your Tribe, Depending On How Many Of Them You Have. And Your Colleagues Will Be Done.

Vikings War

You Won’T Be Competing Against Other Clans, You Only Compete Against Time – The More Challenges You And Your Party Face, The Higher Your Reward Level, The Easier.

So, When You Click On A Strong Management Camp, You Will See A Set Of Challenges Available.

Stronger Camp Clan Game In Clash Of Tribes

Not Only Are They All Specifically Available To You, They Are Also Available To Your Peers.

You Do Not Have To Be Afraid That You Will Not Be Able To Complete Them All, You Will Be Able To Meet The Challenges You Cannot Complete By Taking Your Teammates With You To The Higher Town Hall Level.

When You Look At Each Of The Challenges, You Will See How Many Key Points They Reward The Clan Pool And How Much Time You Have To Complete To Earn Your Tribe’S Points. However


In This Case, You Will Have 5 Hours To Donate 100 House Space For Your Colleagues To Earn 50K Points.

Start The Challenge In The Klan Games

Once You Press The “Get Started” Button, You Will Find The Challenge And Your Klan Peers May Not Be That Much Of A Challenge. However

Active Challenge In Search Of Clan Game
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Once You Start A Challenge You Cannot Take Anyone Else, But If You Find That You Cannot Finish It (For Whatever Reason) You Will Be Able To Crush It.

Trash Challenges In The Klan Games
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Of Course, When You Crush A Challenge, You Will Not Get Any Clean Points, No Matter How Far You Have Arrived, Making Sure That You Only Meet The Challenges That You Will Be Able To Complete. There Are.

In Addition, The Stolen Challenges Will Not Be Available To Your Peers, They Are Gone, Making Sure That It Is Not Easy To Be In The Trash Because Perhaps Someone Else’S Name Is Full. Will Be Done.

You Are Not Collecting Your Points! All The Points You Earn And All Your Rules Will Be Found In A Pool To Determine How Many Rewards You (As A Clan) Will Receive.

However You’Ll Also Be Able To Choose Between Multiple Rewards, Depending On The Rewards You’Ve Reached, But You Need To Eliminate At Least One Challenge During The Clean Game.

Clan Game Prize Number Cook
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As You Can See, There Are 4 Component Prices And You Will Be Able To Select Individually From Any Type Of Entry. However


So, If Your Clan Scored 7000Kg Points At The End Of This Clean Game, You Would Be One Of Tier Ii, One Of Tier Ii And One Of Tier Iii (Eg 180Kg Gold, Ranging From 20). , 3 Can Choose Rewards. Jewelry And 2 Resource Resources (For Example Above). However

5 Prizes Listed In The Clan Game With Books

Prices Start Up A New Clean Game Every Time And You Expect Very Few Rare And Extremely Valuable Books That Can Only Be Available At Prize 4+.

If You Want To Know More About The Magical Items Available, I Am Putting Together An Article That You Need To Know About Them All.
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