What Is Clash Of Clans

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What Is Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans Is A Gaming App In Which Players Build And Consolidate Villages While Also Creating An Army To Save Their Tribe. This App Is Free To Download From Itunes And Google Play, Though It Does Make Purchases In The App. It Is Rated For Anyone 10 Years Of Age And Older, Though Users In The App Are More Than 13 Years Old.

What Is Clash Of Clans?

Clash Of Clans Is A Strategic Gaming App In Which Players Build And Stabilize Cows And Build An Army To Protect Their Tribe. Consumers Play Against Real-Time Players, Both On The Computer And In Real Life.

As The Title Suggests, Much Of The Clash Of Clauses Involves A Virtual War Between The Tribes Of The People, Which Is Interesting To The Players And Involves Violence. Violence Includes Fighting, Explosions And Screams Of Soldiers, None Of Which Is Graphic.

Players Choose To Join And Play With The Current Tribe, Or Can They Make Their Own And Invite Friends. Tribes Can Align With Their Members To Plan Tactics And Launch Attacks On Other Tribes.

Tribes Are Also Tasked With Defending Their Village From Other Tribes With Artillery, Bombs, Tricks, Mortars And Walls. Battles Against Other Tribes Require Tactics Using Any Combination Of Magic, Armies, And Heroes.

Is The Clash Of Clans Safe For My Children?

Clash Of The Clash Gaming App Is Safe For Some Adult Supervised Children. The App Is Rated For 10+ Users But Requires Users 13 Or Older In Terms Of Use.

The Tribe A Player Chooses Will Determine How Safe Their Clash Of Clans Gameplay Is. Tribes Are Servers, As Are Other Real-Time Games, And Usually Themed. Here Are The Total Ns Only For Children, Or For Parents And Children. If Swearing Is Not Allowed In Their Tribes, Many Clubs Will Advertise, Which Can Help Narrow The Selection.

It’S A Good Option For Young Players To Create Their Own, Inviting Tribe. This Allows For More Parental Control And Supervision. It Is Important To Note That If A Child Is Not Just Playing In One Invitation, Anyone Can Join This Tribe.

Clash Of Clans Is Best Played In Multiplayer Mode, Which Is Why Children Are Most At Risk Due To Chatting Features. There Are Two Options For Play Player Chat To Toggle Between Global And Clan To Interact With Other Players. Another Awesome Feature Is The Ability For Players To Create Private Chat Rooms, Which Can Be A Problem For Underage.

Uncertain Players.

The Global Chat Feature Allows Users To Notify Others, And Those Who Violate The Code Of Conduct Temporarily Boot From This Particular Server. It Is Important To Note That Klean Chats Does Not Have Any Reporting Feature, Which Makes It Extremely Important For A Child To Choose The Appropriate Tribe Through This App.

Clash Of Clans Is Ad-Free, But Offers In-App Purchases To Accelerate And Facilitate Game Development. If Users Want To Play Effectively And Build Villages. And Armies At A Fast Rate, They Have To Spend Money On The Game. Many Players Report High Levels Of Frustration In The Gameplay.  Because Trying To Play For Free Will Not Get Them In The Game.

Latest October News
Hey Chief!

If you missed yesterday’s developer update video, be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel. (But if you read the note instead, scroll down to get a summary of the changes we are offering in the October update.)

But first, some bits and bobs that were not mentioned in the update video!

Clean game

Three new types of Season Challenge: 1) One X battles using a certain type of Y spells; 2) One X battles using a certain type of Y squad. 3) Onex Combat Attacks.

Task Review! If you’ve ever caught a job for tribe sports but you’ve either forgotten about it, been interrupted and can’t come back in time, or simply can’t finish it, Adding a new option to restore tasks. Through Jewelry
Too cart

The loot cart now has a permanent place with a trader’s tent and will now emerge at random locations around the base

Builder Base

The Builder Base Season Trophy is being reset at 5000 instead of 4000 trophies. Therefore, we are also adding better rewards for the 5000-6000 trophy range.
Builder Base Gold Mine and Elixir collectors will now store 24hh worth of production instead of 12h.
Fixed and misc

The decoration will no longer block certain attack positions, but will still affect its path slightly.
Grand Warden’s AI has been improved so he will not randomly abandon his group.
To reduce the clouds in Titan Legs, the guard length has been reduced: 3h to 2.5h in Titan 2; 4h to 3h in Titan 1.
Giant video recipe
Registration fixes

As you may recall,

we are setting off Global Chat. But at the same time, we are making some changes that will make the process of recruiting the tribe a bit easier:
Introducing Player Labels and Tribe Labels!
As a player, you can now select up to 3 labels that rank your playstyle (up to 15 preset labels in total). These will be displayed in your public player profile.

In your clan, you can now also choose 3 labels that define your team’s play style! These will be shown in the Klan’s public profile, and will help players who know before applying if the tribe is a good match for their own style.
With the help of behind-the-scenes wizards, these two will, in the long run, lead to better tribal recommendations in the game’s proposed engine.
For clans: Leaders and co-leaders can open a menu that will suggest players to this tribe. So they’ll see a list of potential recruits.
For players :: You can now activate the ability to receive tribe invitations even if you are already in a tribe.

Faster train slots

The number of Quick Train slots has been increased from 3 to 6 slots. Save more from your favorite Army Pursuit!

Clean game

When you gain a certain amount of personal points, you gain extra rewards from any unlocked levels (the amount may vary and will be set by us, sometimes it can be as many points, at other times 2 percent and so on.)
New success

New “well prepared” to earn points in Season Challenges.


Moving traps or teslas when editing your village will not trigger the layout of the cauldron.
In Legend League, the layout cooldown calculation will now take into account how much time is left for matchmaking and the cooldown will be adjusted accordingly, which should result in fewer cooldowns.

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